The Times Explorer team ambled across country to Piet Retief and on to Amsterdam to check out its night life and red-light district. Things, as they discovered, are never quite what they seem.

Esa Alexander took the pictures (except the one above, because that’s him on the hot tin roof.)

Mountainside scriptures, near Piet Retief, South Africa

The main strip in Piet Retief. This is pretty much it

Mind your !!s and Q’s in Piet Retief

Caught with our pant down in Piet Retief

A little girl shops for a weave

A collection of tape cassettes in a Chinese store, Piet Retief

Phhht! We turned around and saw Minehle Thwala pulling this face. We realised, with relief, that what she’d blown was a vuvuzela¬†

Howzit, China. A Chinese-owned store in Piet Retief

This woman approached the Explorer team for money, telling us she was struggling. We obliged. Minutes later we watched as she crossed the road, laden with shopping bags

Nightlife in Amsterdam, South Africa




Dave Snoek

May 3, 2010 at 8:07 pm

The broken wall and town name reminds me of Hadrien’s Wall in Scotland where one section of the wall is missing for a few kilo’s. Just happened to be a house nearby build with very similat stones.

Certainly wasn’t honey at the thin end of that vuvuzela :-)

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